Christmas Party #2


The second of our parties was a much smaller party and held at our home.  The group of people that came are friends that come over every Friday for fellowship and encouragement.  We have been so blessed by this group of people and are humbled that they want to spend their Friday nights hanging out with us!


We had a great time snacking, doing a craft, and playing games.  One of the games we played that I was laughing too hard to take pictures of was a game straight from Pinterest.  You wrap candy into a big ball using packing tape.  While one person is trying their best to unwrap the tape (finding the end was almost impossible!), the next player rolls two dice until they get a pair.  Once they roll a pair, it is their turn.  The game is fast paced and hilarious.  People were shouting and laughing, and I’m not sure there is more fun to be had at a party than this!


Cam told the true story of Christmas while one of our most energetic friends translated.  Her translation at times had us in stitches, but she very boldly got the point across to those who didn’t know why we celebrate.  We asked questions afterward, with correct answers receiving a prize from the basket of American trinkets.  Big hit!

We were also able to send everyone home with a book telling of the reason for the season.  We were told that many passed their books on to people who needed to know that most important information.  That news couldn’t have made us happier!

It was so neat to see the gratitude of these sweet friends that we took time to have a “real” party for them.  The girls really loved the tulle tied gifts and asked so many questions about the tulle ribbon!  It was also such a treasure to see how taken they were with my parents.  They got to meet Mom and Dad the week before at a Q&A we set up for them to ask my parents whatever they wanted about their lives.  I know Mom and Dad love us for that.  Ha!  Since they knew all about Mom and Dad by the time we had the party, they sought them out to talk (most can speak a little English, so with effort a conversation was possible).

It was a very Merry Christmas party indeed and wouldn’t have been possible without all the help from our Northridge family!  A big thanks to all of you who lifted up our parties to the Father.  Your faithfulness in that plays a much larger role in our lives than you could ever imagine.


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