Ellie turned 8! A month ago…


Ellie has always been fairly unpredictable, but now she has added some very quick wit to her unpredictability.  You never know what she will say or do, and she has us laughing more than not when she is around.


Since our first visit to the Hong Kong airport Disney store, Ellie has wanted this Boo doll from Monsters Inc.  When she was little, she looked so much like Boo, so it is a pretty cute reminder.  However, I refused to spend $30 on a stuffed doll.  I was willing to spend $5 on TaoBao (think Ebay Buy it Now in Chinese) though.  Ha!  She was over-the-top excited about it…and about her bag that looks like a duck.  She has had a little obsession with rubber ducks for as long as I can remember, so when she saw this bag she immediately asked for it for her birthday.


She also really wanted a doll salon chair to fix her doll’s hair in.  When she woke up and walked into the living room, her eyes LIT UP when she saw the chair!  She fixed every baby doll’s hair in the house that day.

One of our sweet friends remembered her day and brought her over a build-it-yourself doll house.  If anyone out there is gifted and patient enough to build a dollhouse and all its furniture, feel free to come for a visit!  I don’t think it would be good for our family relations to do it ourselves. 🙂

When we asked Ellie what she wanted for birthday dinner, she was undecided.  She finally chose cheese dip and fried chicken on the day before.  Her choice of cake, however, never wavered.  She expressed her desire for Cameron to make her a Boston Cream Cake on my birthday back in October, and stuck with that choice!  She wasn’t even okay with me making it…it had to be Cam.

I thought that was a fabulous idea!


In lieu of a party, we went on a Starbucks date.  Even the doll came along for the fun.


I won’t ever turn down coffee.  Neither will our island friends who joined us to celebrate!


Ellie’s birthday felt like it wouldn’t pass.  She had more gifts in all the luggage Mom and Dad brought from both sets of grandparents.


She had a great birthday, and we had a fun time celebrating this unexpected gift we were given eight years ago!  I can’t imagine life without her humor, energy, and sweetness.  She makes our family complete..  Love her!


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