Mom and Dad come to the island! Part One


We were SO excited to welcome Mom and Dad to our little slice of China.  We waited with squeals and little bounces and maybe a few tears.

There also may have been threats over who deserved the first hugs…


If it was me who gave the threats, they obviously didn’t work, seeing as I got the very LAST hugs.  I see how it is.


We mostly hung out, soaking up just being in the presence of Mom and Dad, but every now and then, we ventured out for a little fun.

The boats were definitely fun!  The girls drove us around while we tried not to worry about flipping over in the water that may or may not have waste in it…well.  It does.  Last time we were there, we saw a man pooping from the bridge…


We decided we wanted grilled salmon for Christmas dinner, so Cam and Dad found a whole salmon to buy.  They then had to make it edible.  It was like a flashback in time watching these men with that big fish!


Some things, like Ellie playing Legos with a helmet on, my dad sitting with a target on his head while the girls wielded Nerf guns trying to shoot it off, and me riding a motorcycle scooter with my baby, were all just common occurrences.


We found a place that had a giant tiki thing made of wood.  I thought it was too fun and colorful not to snap a picture of.

I also found this white man riding a pink scooter with a little girl.  I couldn’t resist that picture.  Dad LOVED driving the scooter.  He went all over the city, fearless.  He said it made all his motorcycle dreams come true.  You see, in America, it is illegal to drive between cars, run lights, cross traffic wherever you want to, and various other things on a motorcycle.  Apparently, when Dad had a motorcycle, he dreamed of breaking all those laws…he finally got to.  On a Barbie pink scooter. 🙂

And.  I found a picture of myself and Cam at Starbucks, on the bulletin board, when we went for a date.  Celebrities!


Mom and I went all over the city on motorcycle taxis.  We hopped on and held on for dear life!  I think every single thing Mama and I did ended with an adventure of some sort.  We laughed so much, and I will forever remember our time here with a big smile.


The girls couldn’t seem to get enough of my dad!  They hung all over him!  If he sat on the couch, a girl was on his lap.  They took turns sleeping with him every other night and never missed an opportunity to show him how much they love him.


Fun.  I think that one word fully describes the last three weeks of 2014.


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