Mom and Dad. Part Two.


Having grandparents come to visit means they bring all the things they wished they could have given their grandkids in the time we have been gone.  In other words, they come with a LOT of luggage.


We had some sweet friends stow a few things in said luggage as well.  Gracie and I got fabulous infinity scarves that have seen LOTS of wear in the past 2 months!  The girls all got shirts and lotions and little toys.  I got girly things that only good friends would choose and send.  Cam got man things…jerky (both deer and beef!), summer sausage, and sweet peanuts.


I said in Part One that the girls were all over my Dad.  Here is the proof.  Even the dog wouldn’t leave him alone!


Bath and Body Works.  Be still my heart.  I wanted to open all the lotions and set them around the house so that I could smell the goodness wherever I went.  (Ellie found goggles somewhere in the luggage and refused to remove them.  Shock, I know.)


More love for Papa.  And one last picture of everyone together.

We won’t talk about it.  It makes my eyes leak.


We went on a family Starbucks date after the adventure of the boats.  Faith is there too…hiding.  And Cam wanted you all to see that his serious side has disappeared and we are left with this goofier version.  His jokes still aren’t very funny though…


Nanny and Papa (Cam’s parents) got the girls these amazing mermaid tails.  They have a mono-fin and allow them to swim like a mermaid.  It is SO neat to watch…and also draws quite the crowd!


Gracie wasn’t home when we took these pictures, but she got one too.  This pretty much trumped all other gifts they received this year for Christmas!momdad9

Ma.  Always giving them what they want.  There is a reason why they always want to be with her!  Ellie doesn’t do things the “normal” way, so she sported pink rollerblades to play on the playground and climb rocks in…and this is why we are constantly praying for all her bumps and bruises to be healed (at her request).

The girls loved every moment with my parents.  The heartbreak they showed when their car drove away, toward the airport, was something I hope no other mother has to experience.  I know far too many on this side of the world that do have to hold their babies and explain, once again, why we live where we do.  The time we get with our favorite people is always too short.  Hold tightly to the family you have near…See them as often as you can and be oh so thankful for the moments with them.  Some of us would give just about anything to live on the same continent as our family!


One thought on “Mom and Dad. Part Two.

  1. (((Stephanie))) growing up a mk, marrying a pastor/chaplain…..this heartbreak is one I’m familiar with from both sides. What a blessing it is that your parents are able to visit you as often as they can. Such sweet memories they are making with your kids. Praying for you all as you face the hellos and goodbyes….they just aren’t easy…but oh so worth it.


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