Sweet Taste

As I write this, we are in Bangkok, Thailand on a visa trip.  That means, for those of you who don’t know, that we have to reapply for a new visa to stay in China.  We can’t do that IN China, so we have to leave the country for the process.  It takes up to two weeks, and we get to hang out here exploring a new city.

We traveled all day yesterday, and finally arrived around dinner time last night.  I had a horrible migraine (pray for these please…travel always seems to bring them), so after finding my medicine, I took a short nap, then we ventured out.  We found an incredible Lebanese restaurant that had us all moaning in satisfaction!  We ate shawarma chicken and beef, naan, pita, hummus, curry spring rolls, and a Lebanese salad.  Then, we topped it off with Baklava!  Seriously.  We will be going back.

As Gracie and I walked to the bathroom,

*sidenote:  Bathrooms in Thailand are such a treat compared to the ones in China!  No squatties…no pee on the floor…they smell good…have toilet paper…and SOAP!!

Anyway, back to what I was saying.  We were talking about how privileged we feel to live this life.  Sometimes the days are rocky, with tears and hurting hearts, but we always know that we are being obedient to His calling.  Then, other days, we just feel so lucky to be experiencing the world in such a big way.

This morning, as I read my Bible in the quiet of the house (my phone didn’t get the memo that Thailand is earlier than China, so I got up way too early!), He led me to Psalm 34:8

Taste and see that the LORD is good. How happy is the man who takes refuge in Him!

I couldn’t help but to feel His goodness today.  He is good EVERYDAY, but the days that I rest in Him, allowing His peace to fill all the crevices of my heart, are the days that I am filled with thanksgiving and a sweet, sweet taste in my mouth.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Taste

  1. What you are doing is so important and it has to be truly amazing to serve Him in such a way! I remember flying to Thailand from America, I ended up with a severe migraine that I ended up having the entire time I was there! I will pray for your health as well as your visa process!
    So glad that we were able to meet you guys and spend time with your girls! Blessings!


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