Healthcare efficiency.  It truly isn’t just a thing in our imaginations!

I love healthcare in America, don’t get me wrong.  I feel safe and cared for and rarely the need to question diagnosis or treatment.  The same can’t be said in China.  In fact, I do my best to avoid the doctor there.  Just so no freaks out, we do have access to American doctors in a nearby city if needed.

Now, in Bangkok, healthcare reaches a new high.


I got online and made some appointments for our family before we left China.  I made

  • dentist checkups and cleanings for all five of us
  • vision exams for us girls
  • pediatrician exam for Faith
  • Skin doctor exam for Gracie and myself
  • lady doctor for myself

ALL for the same day.

We started at 8 am on Tuesday, and had everything done by 7pm (including a 2 hour wait for bloodwork to return).  It was an incredibly long day, I won’t gloss over that, but it is done!

The hospital is super organized and FAST.  There are multiple Starbucks on site, a bakery, a McDonalds, and a local food court.  Wifi is free and waiting rooms are plush and clean.  A pharmacy is attached to each specialty, so while you pay, they prepare all your prescriptions for pickup.

I had heard people rave about how great this hospital, Bumrungrad International, is, but I just always kind of dismissed it thinking “it is still a hospital!”  I have now become one that raves.

And in case you are curious, we are all healthy.  We did have to have 2 cavities filled, but they did it right after the cleaning, with no wait.  Gracie and I still have to wear glasses, and Faith still has acid reflux (she now has some medicine to help ease that pain).  Gracie’s beauty marks are just that, beautiful.  Nothing to worry about.  And my uncontrollable emotional outbursts will hopefully be a thing to laugh about (not that we don’t already) once all the vitamins I needed are doing their thing.

*Bragging moment*

Our girls were fantastic!  We left the house before 7am and returned at 7:45 pm,  The girls didn’t complain, argue, or whine.  In fact, they played and giggled together all day.  I love my girls without condition, but their attitudes really swelled my heart up.  I feel like the luckiest woman ever to get to be their Mama.


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