Taste of Bangkok


On the drive from Bangkok to the beach, we passed a parade of all these beautifully decorated horses.  The people were loud and happy, playing music as they traveled.  We asked the driver what the party was about…

He told us it was for the new monks.

SCREEEECH! went the happy dance I was feeling.  Heartbreak took its place.   JESUS is the answer here, y’all.


We took a detour to the floating market on our way to Hua Hin (the beach resort town we are in).

What a neat experience!

We stopped at a coconut sugar farm and saw how they make coconut sugar (they burn/boil coconuts).  We got to try fresh coconut sugar water.  It was so gross.  Ha!  I dumped it behind a tree 😉


The water was brown but didn’t smell, thankfully.

The women all wore these fun straw hats, but I am sure it was for protection not fashion…although I think they rocked them!

The little fish were in massive quantities!  The girls got to feed them bread and watch them go berserk.  It was insane, and a little scary, I must admit…the excitement and squealing caused the boat to rock precariously more than once.


We didn’t get many good pictures of the shopping because Cam was enamored with the boats, and he had the camera.  They were pretty awesome boats though…

He tried to sneak a picture of this old woman and her puffy cheeks, but she was onto him and threw him the peace out sign.  Ha!

The picture on the far right is a tiny, tiny, glimpse of the shopping.  Our boat would pull up to the side of the shop and we could buy whatever we wanted.  Honestly, it was incredibly overwhelming because they were peddling HARD.  They were putting stuff in your face and if you inquired about a price, it went into overtime.  I kept telling myself, “avert your eyes.  Do. Not. make eye contact.”  We didn’t buy anything.  Nothing.  We don’t qualify as the good tourists.


Our boat driver stopped and cut all of us ladies flower from one of the bushes along the river.  Sweet guy.


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