Taste of Hua Hin (mostly)


While we were in Bangkok (before the beach), we found a fun bowling alley in a local mall.  I love the black lights in the middle of the day.  I also loved how clean this place was!

Our family will never hold bowling records.  Ever.  Ellie kept breaking out in dance moves (see middle picture).  She was way more interested in the lights and music.  Gracie holds the title for the longest gutter ball streak.  Faith dug the “granny throw”.  And I somehow always end up with one sore butt cheek and arm the next day from my awkward stance.

We may not be graceful, but we sure had FUN!


The beach.  Ahhhh.

I know we live on a beach, but it is different here somehow.  Cam and I had heavenly massages on the beach while our girls played in the surf.  Don’t worry.  We had eyes on them the entire time (even the people rubbing us were watching them).  It may rank as one of my top ten moments.  And I plan to repeat it later this week.


The girls really wanted to ride this tube.  Because, well, “remember that one time we rode the tube with Colby and Caleb (their cousins)?”…of course I remember.  And we miss them.  And if this makes us feel close to our family, then by all means, let’s throw caution to the wind!

My worry, however, must have been evident in my voice, because this nice older British woman stopped and asked me if I was worried.  Ha!  “Are those your three most precious possessions?”, she asked.  She stuck around and watched them, then wished me a happy and safe reunion before leaving with her husband.

Sweet lady.  I love friendly people!


We finally, after a week, got to ride on a tuk-tuk.  The girls had been begging!

And do you see that?  BATH & BODY WORKS!!  In Thailand (Bangkok)!!  I saw the sign and about flipped out.  I was squealing.  The girls were squealing.  Cam had no choice but to take us.  But we were in for a rude awakening as prices were as much as triple USA prices (Those soaps are on sale 2 for $15).  We at least got to smell the wonderfulness though, and that was so, so, so worth it.

My girls.  I love to watch them interact.  They were waiting on me and Cam to finish our lunch and found a mirror to play in.  They were having a race to see who could get their sunglasses flipped onto their face the fastest.  They giggled and encouraged and praised one another.  And my heart just about exploded.  They aren’t just sisters.

They are best friends.

I pray it will always be so.



I could just stop there.  We love it.

The girls got sodas in glass bottles, and apparently, you can’t take the glass bottle with you. So the lady poured their drinks into a plastic baggy and stuck a straw in it.  Whatever works.

Coffee.  I love it.  I go to bed so I can wake up and drink it.  I drink water so I can reward myself with coffee.  Our condo has no coffee pot.  It is the worst kind of torture.  And Starbucks isn’t conveniently located.

What is a girl to do?!

I dug through my backpack and my Bible bag and found about 10 packs of instant latte mixes, from Starbucks VIA to Nescafe brand.  Not bad with a side of pool and Jesus in the mornings!

And that coconut you see?  My new favorite thing.  It is fresh, young coconut ice cream.  It is the perfect mix of sweet and fresh and yummy.  And the shell it is served in just bumps it from great to awesome!


My girls can be super girly, but when faced with frogs or crabs, they turn into catching machines!  That have used water bottles, glass bottles, and even the lenses of goggles to catch these little crawly creatures.  There is never screaming, only pure focus.  Now, them walking across the sand where the crabs are burrowing and scurrying is another story entirely…


We are having a great, relaxing time here.  We have walked for miles, tested out food (found some winners and one MAJOR fail that reappeared in the middle of the night…), explored the mall.  We have had Survivor-a-thons, feasted on Double Stuf Oreos and Schweppes Manao.  Some have slept late, some have gotten up early and enjoyed the breezy balcony.  We have laughed and giggled and have truly enjoyed being together.


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