Lest you think…

Cam and I were talking, thinking, pondering about what you all must think of the adventures we have had in Thailand.  How by all appearances we are living it up and throwing money and budget to the wind.

I want to give you some truth about this country so you know that what has been entrusted to us has not been squandered away on horseback riding, massages, and ice cream.

Thailand has things that are incredibly cheap.  They also have things that we just look at because the cost is so exorbitant.  You can argue for cheaper prices and walk away if you still find they are too much.  Examples of prices:

Horseback Riding on the beach, 30 mins:  $11

Massages, 1 hour:  $8

Fried Rice:  $2.50

Pad Thai:  $3

Soda:  $0.45

Ice cream at Swensens:  $4

DQ Blizzards:  $1

Tubing on the beach, all three girls:  $16.50

Auntie Anne’s pretzel and lemonade:  $2

Krispy Kreme, dozen:  $8

Doctors visits:  FREE

Taxi rides:  $1-3 depending on far we go

Starbucks:  $4 grande

We have eaten breakfast and lunch in most days (cereal and sandwiches) to save money so that we can eat out in the evenings.  The grocery stores here are FABULOUS!  They carry more American favorites than China does.  Thai people love sugar, so we can find things like Double Stuf Oreos and Fruit Loops for the Thai prices instead of import prices.  Food has a pretty big range of price, depending on the type of food.  American chains, such as Outback and Tony Romos, were twice the price as USA.  We didn’t eat there…

Because we are here due to our visa, our lodging is provided for us.  We had to pay a little extra to stay at the beach, but we were given a very generous gift for Christmas (thank you Cory and Shawna!) that allowed us the opportunity to use the time as vacation time and have a few treats.  Grandparents have also given the girls their own spending money to have a little fun with while they are here.

I know this seems like such an odd thing to write about, but I also know that it is easy for people to think that life here is easy and posh.  I want to assure you that it isn’t.  We are not overpaid to sit on the beach.  We cannot normally afford to buy whatever our hearts desire.  You are not giving in order to fund our vacations.  We have still been doing some work (in the form of emails and logistical things).  We have taken the time to reflect on His provision and blessings and realigned our hearts with the work He has for us back home.  We know we are living a life unimaginable to most, and by all appearances it seems to be the best kind of adventure!  While it is fun and extraordinary, it is still life.  Full of all the ups and downs and longings and joys that you yourselves experience.  We would love to show you first hand…so, come visit!!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Lest you think…

  1. Love you guys! Those who know you…well, I don’t think you have to worry about what they think. So fun to see all the cool, once in a lifetime, type things you get to experience. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. With our Honduras trip and Easter, I’m just now catching up on the Sranges lives. I (Steve) definitely identify with this post, especially when we found ourselves in Phuket. We were blown away with how “cheap” some of the things were that would be 3X that in the US. When I reply to something, it’s usually the emails that Cam sends out, but your blog creates some misty eyes every time I read it. So, so proud of you all and how far He has carried you (and continues to carry you). I ran across an email that you sent to us while we were in India and y’all were still in FW. Amazing how things have switched up for us but even more amazing how God has creatively orchestrated each. Know that we continue our talks to the Father on your behalf.

    Steve (and Joanna)


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