Starfish Adventure.


Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go visit the very first friends we made in China.  The friends that rented our apartment for us and made sure we could survive.  The ones that held our hands when language learning was getting the best of us and encouraged us that we can do this!  The ones that made such a difference in the hearts of my girls.

Priceless friends.

They are here in Thailand for vacation and stay about 45 minutes from where we are staying.  So, Cam rented a car with his international license, and the adventure began…on the right side of the car and the left side of the road.  I kept thinking we were driving head on into traffic…my arms were clenched and my feet pressed into the floor.  I wanted to scream at Cam to “Get on the right side of the road!!!“.  He only forgot once that the right side of the road was not for driving on…


The beach out there was full of starfish.  FULL.  These are the first starfish any of our family has ever seen, caught, felt.  The girls were giggling and running and digging.  It was such a peaceful night, packed with wonder at His creations…both animals and friendships that endure.


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