Latest Goings On

We are still in Thailand.  I am about done with living out of a suitcase!

Cameron left us late Wednesday night (the 19th), so the girls and I have been hanging out waiting for the big homeschool conference to start.

It started yesterday with a bang at the beautiful resort pool.

That pool bang created a weird, very pink infection in the eye of my sweet Ellie.

So, this morning, I put some drops in her eye and sent her to class.

For testing.

Awful, I know.

But, you see, one of the main purposes of this meeting is to have all the kids tested so that we, as teacher mamas, can know where we need to step up our game.  They test the first two days and play the last two.  Not bad.

But, at lunch, after the testing, Ellie complained that her eye hurt and laid her head on the table.  That’s when I knew the red eye meant a little more than too much chlorine.

It isn’t pink eye.  But, we don’t know what it is, so we are hanging in our room for the afternoon in hopes that it will clear up on its own.

I mean, after all, we are in another country from the man we love most, in order to assure the education of the girls is top notch.  So, join with me in asking that Father lay His healing hand on Ellie’s eye, so we can get back to learning how to be better at this thing called homeschooling!


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