Finally Home.

The girls and I returned home late Saturday night (almost a week ago!).

Flying home from Thailand was the first time I have done a solo international flight (or any flight with the girls all the girls).  There were lots of nerves before the big day and an overwhelming amount of gratitude that I have husband who takes cares of all the logistical details of our travel!  Despite the anxiety and long hours, our travel was completely glitch free.  We were put in business class for both legs of our travel, and we all agreed that that is definitely the preferable way to travel!  Those hot, steaming rags, newspapers printed in English, and wider spaces make hours in a plane so much more comfortable.  18 hours of traveling is never fun, but eight pretzels from Auntie Annes (this was what we ate for every meal because China doesn’t have pretzels) and Starbucks made it feel a bit dreamy.

Jumping back into homeschooling and enforcing some new electronic restrictions on our home has made for a very long week. Couple that with a work meeting and decisions on our hearts, and bedtime is the thing I look forward to the most!  Oh the bliss of sleeping.

Looking into our weekend and beyond, we see some dinner engagements with both foreigners (new neighbors) and locals, and the arrival of a small team from America early next week.  We are super excited to host this couple that is coming to support our work on the island by bathing it in prayer.  They will do a lot of walking, even more praying, and even train some local friends in the importance of pr-walking while going out together with them.

There is always something on the horizon…something to look forward to.  So thankful for His thoughtfulness in planning our days!


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