Over here, the little things mean a lot.  In fact, they quickly become BIG things.

I have had numerous little/big things worth celebrating.  You see, Cam is the definite leader and provider in our family.  He takes care of travel, logistics, getting around town.  He is our map, our go-to person when we need help or need something done.  When Cam is busy and can’t be that guy, I have to step waaaaaay out of my little box and try to get things accomplished to keep our home running.

For instance:  Our fridge was empty and I had creatively used all the food in the freezer while waiting for Cam to have a “light” day in which he had time to take me to the grocery store.

It isn’t that I can’t go to the store by myself.


It is just that it is so much more trouble for me to go with the girls using public transportation than it is for him to scooter over and pick up the things we need.  It also saves money because he is strictly a list shopper.  If it isn’t on the list, he isn’t buying it.  Well, we have had a team in for the past week and I couldn’t put the grocery shopping off any longer.  Cam was going to pick up some chicken for us at the market before he headed out of town for two days, so he called the “chicken lady”, as we affectionately call her, but she wouldn’t have it until noon.

He was leaving at 10:30.


This meant that I was going to have to ride my scooter.  Alone.  Without him guiding me on his scooter, making sure I didn’t pull out in front of the crazies on the streets.  That may sound easy, but I assure you, it isn’t.  It is terrifying, death-defying stunt-work.  I took a deep breath, powered up my pink scooter and took off.  I made it to and from the market across the busy intersection with no safe-walking green light to guide me.  I didn’t run into anyone or let anyone run into me.  I didn’t set off anyone else’s scooter alarms or drop my scooter.  It was success, people!  Great success!

Then, because I was on cloud 589, I decided to take the girls on an adventure to the public library.  We had no idea what to expect, but all of our hearts were hoping for books in English.  The building is gorgeous and there are rumors of a museum on the fourth floor, so arming myself with the newly learned word for library, we set out to find a taxi.  The sweet driver lady understood me the first time I told her where we wanted to go (yes!), and off we went!  All of us were smiling as she dropped us off, but those smiles quickly faded when we looked around and saw no one.


We walked up the small hill of stairs and tried to enter when we heard someone saying, “Closed.  You can’t enter”

Perhaps I misunderstood.  She was, after all, speaking Chinese.


“Rest on Mondays.  Open Tuesday through Sunday”

Man!  What an almost adventure!  Tomorrow we will try again to check that off our list, but we didn’t let it deter us from the rest of the days plans.

We headed to Starbucks/McDonalds/tea store.  I got a latte to reward myself for not dying on my scooter.  Ellie bought herself a frappuccino with her allowance, which she decided was not a good way to spend all of her money.  A lesson well worth learning!  Gracie got sweet tea with extra sugar from the tea place and Faith got a fried apple pie from McDonalds.  Phew.  If that doesn’t wear you out…

…the three block walk to the grocery store in full sunshine will.  The conversation and hand holding was lovely, however.  Ellie asked me who her favorite child was if I couldn’t choose Chloe, Gracie, Faith, Meili (our dog), or my baby niece.  Basically she left me with the choice being herself.  All of us laughed at that one!

Finally arriving at the grocery store, we loaded up on all that we could carry (no car, remember), then headed back to the street in hopes that a cab would come by soon.  Father delivered and we were grateful.  Back home, groceries put up, we all decided cereal was the best option for dinner because we were too worn out to cook the groceries we just purchased.

Such is life.  A productive, successful day full of little things that my heart translated as huge mountains climbed!


One thought on “Triumphs

  1. Stephanie – I LOVED this post! I love and miss y’all… keeping you all in thoughts and pr4z… late night… can never get this to work! We’ll see what happens… Love you! Keep moving forward ❤


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