A Sad, Unexpected Goodbye


If you spend any time with us, you will soon find out how much we love dogs.  Our family just doesn’t feel right when we don’t have a dog!  So, seven months after we moved to China, we bought a dog.  Her name was MeiLi, which is chinese for pretty.


She was a tiny, white Bichon, and the BEST dog we ever had.


She let the girls do whatever they wanted to with her.  She never bit or snapped.  She rarely barked.  She was such a good sport in this houseful of girls!


She loved to be with us.  She would curl up next to us, or on us, whenever there was opportunity.  Sometimes even when it wasn’t going to be comfortable for her.  She just wanted to touch us.


She lived life with us.  She went on walks daily with us and rode the scooter like a champ.  She let us carry her everywhere.  She greeted us at the door with jumps and kisses, making coming home exciting and fun.


She had an allergy to anesthesia which meant she couldn’t be spayed (We tried.  She almost died).  So, every six months, she had her “female time”.  Diapers and ruffled panties ruled the house!  We even found joy in this part of her!


She sat like a human with her straight out legs, and we never failed to giggle.  She thought my bed was her own and would lay there whenever we were in the room.  She even traveled on the airplane with us to Sanya!


Sometimes, there were treats for her in the packages we received, and she always seemed to be nearby when we were opening them.  She helped walk the girls to school every morning when we lived in Chengdu, and she also came when it was time to pick them up.  Her excitement as her sisters got off the bus was contagious!


She met all our friends and even convinced the most stout dog haters that she was different.  She knew who didn’t like her and immediately went to them to cover them with her kisses.  Ha!


On March 19th, in the wee hours of the morning, she began to have seizures.  After half an hour, her heart couldn’t keep up and stopped.  We woke up the girls and with sobbing disbelief, everyone said a final goodbye to the smallest member of our family. Grief doesn’t know boundaries between human and canine when you love as hard and deep as we did MeiLi.

In that moment, our hearts broke, and our home became a less happy place to be.  We miss her every moment, but are so thankful that the Lord blessed us with two years of MeiLi joy.  She was a glimpse of His goodness during a time in our lives when we needed it the most, and she is, and will continue to be, greatly missed.


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