Big Cam and Gilda


We met Big Cam the first time we ever visited China.  He was on the same trip that we were on, and he and I bonded over our extreme culture shock and desire to get back on American soil.  Imagine the irony in him coming back to China to visit me (us)…the two most unlikely people on that trip to be back in China.  Ha!  I have a special place in my heart for Big Cam and was thrilled to host both him and his sweet wife for a couple weeks.


They certainly didn’t come empty handed either!  Their Sunday group got together and sent us two huge suitcases of blessings from the mother land.  Sixteen boxes of Girl Scout cookies go a loooooong way in making you feel loved!  So does 12 lbs of chocolate chips, a years supply of Velveeta and Rotels, 192 little cups of vanilla coffee creamer, muffin mixes for every day of the week, and countless other little things that we were needing to make life here a little easier.  Seriously, these people chose to sacrifice and love on us without even knowing who we are.  Our hearts were overflowing from their kindness!


Having Cameron and Gilda here busted open so many doors that we needed to get through.  We got to experience a lot of new things with them and spend sweet moments doing life together for 14 days.  They met all our friends and ate at all our favorite places.  They walked streets and lifted up the people they saw.  Gilda had conversations with people who had no idea what she was saying, but she never backed off.  She is a whole lot of fun in a tiny little package!  They may have depleted our supply of Hainan coconut coffee here on the island once they figured out how good it tastes and may have also bought all the Sanya mugs that Starbucks had to offer, but we wouldn’t trade the time with them here!  They helped us refocus and see the deep need for what we are doing.  They also really brought home how encouraging and helpful it is to have a team come work alongside us in this great big task laid before us.


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