Happy 35th Cam!

Cameron turned 35 on March 31st.  He had a training all day, so that gave us ample time to make decorations and try to find him something that would give him a glimpse of how much we love him.

In theory.

Our minds were all excited and too focused on birthday celebrations and plans to actually retain anything in school, so we took off at 11 to head to the mall that had an import store.  We had this great idea to make him a cake out of cans of Dr. Pepper.  Dr. Pepper is about $1 a can, and it isn’t something we get very often, so we thought it would be special and fun and exactly what he would like!  However, in true Chinese fashion, the import store had no Dr. Pepper.  So…fresh out of ideas and no Target on this side of the ocean, we decided to buy him a box of cereal and some Baskin Robbins ice cream.  Ha!


Baskin Robbins just recently opened in our city, but I knew from a friend that the 31st of every month they offered discounted ice cream.  Score for Cam’s birthday being on the 31st!  We got him ONE PINT of ice cream, not packed, mind you, but rather 3 scoops of ice cream in a pint container, for a whopping $7!  That was the sale price.  How we miss Blue Bell, and never again will we complain of having to pay $5 for a half gallon.

Cam35-2The girls and I spent the afternoon baking cookies and making decorations for the house.  We made a paper pennant banner, a paper circle walk-through-the-doorway hangy down thingy, Ellie made a flying paper owl, and we made some really great posters for him that told him all the things we love about him.  Some of the things that were written were pretty priceless 😉  We are so thankful for Cam and the way he loves us so completely, and we truly enjoyed getting to focus all our attention on loving him back the way he deserves!


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