Welcome to China, Nanny and Papa!

Strange5The only way to welcome the people we love to our home is while wearing a crown!  Ellie made a sign to hold up just in case Nanny and Papa (Cam’s parents) couldn’t tell who we were.  She also added the Chinese flag because we wanted them to know they made it to the correct country after their many hours of travel.  It was adorably sweet that she couldn’t imagine welcoming them without a sign and dressed in her best.  She has a good heart that loves big, and she sure missed her grandparents!  In the days leading up to their arrival, it became a common thing to hear loud random squeals throughout the day accompanied with a “Nanny and Papa will be here THIS WEEK!!!” exclamation.

Strange6Unfortunately, David and Kelly were the last ones out of security, but fortunately that meant that we could cross the evil yellow line to greet them with open arms and bent knees!  I’m sure that the load of boxes and suitcases that were all for us had nothing to do with the reason they were last…Strange7

Everyone got big squeezes and smiles from both Nanny and Papa.  Cam and I were patient and let the girls get first dibs.  We are grownups after all.  Rest assured, we got our own hugs as soon as we could elbow our way in!Strange8The girls lasted maybe a full hour before they wanted to bust into the luggage.  Y’all.  It was like Christmas times a million.  Those boxes were full of love and America and a lot more love.
Straneg10There were smiles and excitement and a couple aisles of Wal-Mart tucked away in our afternoon.  Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Tostitos, Pop Tarts, Velveeta.  There were handmade cards and gifts that came from the hearts of the people we love most.  It was overwhelming in such a good way.  Strange11

With tears choking my words, I admitted to Cam that I longed to go sit in the corner alone and just weep.  The emotion that wanted to flow from the deepest part of my heart when I opened gifts that were chosen so carefully with all of my likes in mind and when I opened and looked through a book made by the loving hands of a woman that I am fortunate enough, blessed enough, to call my sister-in-law was too deep to process.  I just miss them.  I miss our family, and this family, that is mine only through marriage, is more than I ever dreamed of.  They love me completely, as though I were theirs from birth, and I am oh so thankful to have chosen a husband who has such a fabulous family!


We were all incredibly spoiled.  Indescribably so.  And this was just the beginning…


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