Nanny and Papa at the Beach


Not too far from home is a lovely hotel with an out of this world pool and a beach right across the street.  We decided to go there for a little weekend getaway and fun in the sun.  strange2One of the drawbacks of living so far away from family is that we don’t get to see them often enough; we celebrate holidays while separated; we reach milestones from across the ocean; we don’t get to touch them or feel their hugs.  However, when family comes to visit, it is an intense time filled with goodness that outshines the time we spent together when we lived just down the street from them (which we totally took for granted!).  There are months and years of time to make up for in only a handful of days!


Getting to show off the awesome mermaid tails that were a Christmas surprise from Nanny and Papa was priceless.  The girls have LOVED these tails and have swam with them weekly (sometimes daily!).  But as cool as the tails are, I know they would trade them in, in an instant, for more time building sand castles and catching waves with their grandparents.
Strange4The hotel had a pool with the little fish that carnivorously tear into your dead skin and eat it all away…David was finally convinced that his feet could benefit from the little monster fish.  And since it looked so fun, Kelly joined in and the girls all got to “try it”.  Faith was the only one of the kids who could handle it, but if you were to judge by her scream/giggle, you would have thought she was being tortured!  I promised I wouldn’t share pictures, but since I so creatively added the censored sign, I am thinking he won’t mind too much…and if he does, well.  Well, I’m in China and I can hide before he gets here to get me back!  But he totally asked for it with the faces he was making.

We had such a lovely weekend that we will forever remember with a smile.

And with a little frustration…we experienced our first run-in with theft.    I got Cam a GoPro cam for his birthday (David picked it up for me and brought it).  It was in the camera bag sitting on our beach bag.  I had the big camera taking pictures.  The whole family was standing right around our things, but no one was actively watching. Someone ran up and snatched the camera bag, getting away with the GoPro cam.  It was eye opening and disheartening, but the joy of having our parents here by far outweighed the sadness of losing something material.

Did I mention this was Easter weekend?  It, however, deserves a special post of its own…


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