The Spa, Chinese style


We had a girls day, Chinese style, the day before Kelly left.  We went to get a facial, or face wash as it translates.  It is one of my favorite things to do here!  They massage your face and gently wash and moisturize it, but the best part is when they cover your eyes with a heated foam that hardens as you experience a glorious hair wash and head massage.  When all of that is done, they massage your back and arms then blow-dry your hair.

It takes between 60-90 minutes, start to finish, for less than $10!  For the most part, the salon (I use this term lightly) is the same as what you would find in America…except it isn’t very clean, the toilet is a squatty, and there are strange contraptions hanging from the ceiling that look a little like torture devices.facial2

Regardless of the differences, you always leave feeling a little more like yourself with clean, shiny hair and a relaxed body.

And would you look at Kelly?!  Beautiful!  I really don’t know why she ever wears makeup.  If I had her gorgeous, glowing skin I would go natural every day!facial5

After the spa, we headed to lunch on a 3 wheeled covered cart.  Those are always a fun experience, and this time didn’t disappoint as we all got to experience Kelly’s reaction to traffic you could touch.  We chose to eat at a Muslim noodle shop that makes their noodles to order and offers coca-cola in a bottle, followed by some McDonald’s fried apple pies and Starbucks.facial4

Once we were refueled, we taxied over to the nail salon for some gel mani/pedis.  Again with the same but different description.  Not so clean, big, or efficient as American places, but the price makes those little details not so important!  It cost about $60 total for 3 gel polish manicures and 4 gel polish pedicures, all with nail art.  You can’t beat that!

You also can’t put a price on the memories made and the fun had on our girls day.  We all went home smiling, wishing that Nanny could stay just a little bit longer!


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