The Year of the Husband


I got a phone call one day asking me if I would help two friends bake a birthday cake.  Of course, I was happy to help and we arranged for them to come over that weekend.  I was little nervous because it has been awhile since I’ve taught someone how to bake in Chinese, and well, Chinese people don’t like sugar.  These women don’t speak English, but are so very gracious to me with my attempt at speaking their language.  When the appointed day came, only one friend showed up (the other wasn’t feeling well), and I found out that the birthday cake was actually for a mutual friend of ours!  I had tried out a few new recipes for cake that week before she came, due to the whole not liking sweets thing.  I printed out a couple pictures of decorated cakes and gave her some flavor choices.  She chose chocolate with cream cheese frosting, which thrilled me because the frosting was already made and one step less is always a good thing.  She made the cake, with me telling her how much of each ingredient (and making sure she actually put that amount in.  She wanted to just put “about” that much instead of measuring).  While it was baking, we decided to make a little topper for the cake to kill some time.  When the cake was cooled, we went to dump it out, and the whole thing literally crumbled to pieces!!  I have NO idea what happened.  This recipe made a beautiful cake the first time!  So, I quickly started a second cake that we could throw in the oven.  It worked fine and other than my pride being a bit hurt, the cake was a success (and the crumbled cake made the BEST german chocolate bites I’ve ever eaten!)Jday2

During the cake making process, we were invited to attend the surprise party of our mutual friend.  If I would have known that the cake was for a party, maybe I would have given her different choices!  Ha!  The party was by the water at a barbecue place. I say bbq only because that is the closest english word we have but in reality the only thing in common is a grill.  We had clams, chicken wings, fish, shrimp, squid, other sea creatures that I’m not acquainted with, tofu, and spice.  Lots of spice!  The little red cans you see are a super sweet tea that kills the burning sensation in your mouth so you can eat more.  I drained my can and would’ve loved a second!  The food isn’t anything I would have ordered on my own before this night, but it was really fabulous!  Watching the boats come and go, and seeing the waves while hearing laughter and joy all around us was priceless.Jday3

Before we ate, the birthday girl (above with the flowers) asked Cameron to come pray.  One would assume he would be blessing the food, but instead they asked him to pray that Father would send her a husband this year.  The request for a husband was so sincere. they asked someone different to bless the food so Cam’s could be focused on that one thing.

We had a special evening out celebrating with these dear people who are slowly but surely letting us into their lives and hearts.  I am so thankful He is giving us friends to do life with, that make us feel a little more like this is home.


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