Back to Chiangmai


We spent the last two weeks (May 9-23) in Chiangmai, Thailand.  Our girls are pros in the airports and on planes now and usually can be seen just as above…two playing a game and one reading a book.  They have learned to politely tell the flight attendant they don’t want the meal but would love the rolls. More often than not, the workers bring them extra rolls and butter!  They really are at an easy age and a pleasure to travel with.

Cameron had some classes he needed to take to continue working toward his degree and a group of kind-hearted couples felt the Father put it upon their hearts to fund this trip for on the field workers.  So, all of our airfare (4 of us, but our home club has a fund especially for Cam’s schooling, so it helped with the rest!), our hotel, and a food budget was covered.  While Cam had classes all day every day, the girls and I got to go explore the city.  We ate a lot of all-beef hot dogs, milkshakes, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, A&W root beer, and Schweppes sparkling manao soda.  This dream of a drink is made specifically for Thailand, but let me tell you, the rest of the world is missing out!  It is refreshing and limey and oh so fabulous!thai2The other times we have been to Chiangmai, we have been there with friends.  Girlfriends mean that there is always someone willing to go together for a super cheap massage.  I didn’t know anyone this trip, so Gracie got bumped to massage partner, and I don’t think she is willing to give the spot up!  She had her first Thai massage and was bent into a pretzel and wrapped around the Thai lady, all with a smile on her face.  We had loads of foot massages, even introducing Faith and Ellie to the wonder of a good foot rub.  Poor Cam…4 girls all wanting massages means his free time was spent getting his feet rubbed too.  I like to think it helped him relax (and judging from the sound-asleep pose he took on, I think he would agree!).


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