Art Museum Overload


Chiangmai has a really cool 3d Art Museum that the girls and I (and some new friends we made) explored one morning while Cameron was in class.  The paintings were all flat on the wall and the floor, and the girls strategically posed to make it look like they were part of the picture.  The artists were crazy talented!!  I will leave out the commentary and just let you explore the multitude of pictures that follow 😉museum2

museum3 museum4 museum5 museum6 museum7 museum8

Faith’s expressions were the best!  She enjoyed hamming it up for the camera.  If you look closely at the badgered Gracie photo, you can see that the chair is painted on the wall, but the legs are real.  The legs were in front on the space, making it look like Gracie was super small.  It was all about lining up the camera (which is a lot harder than you would think!)museum9 museum10 museum11 museum12

These were my favorite.  Amazing what rotating a picture can do!museum13 museum14


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