Sights of Sanya

Seen in our nicest grocery store while shopping:

  • A lady was buying meat and asked the butcher (I use this title loosely) to chop it.  As the butcher was moving the meat to the chopping block, she dropped some on the floor.  Without missing a beat, she picked it up off the dirty floor and continued chopping.  The customer didn’t bat an eye.
  • After witnessing the above, I still had to buy meat.  So, I told her what I wanted and she quickly turned, small-step-jogged a few steps away and hocked a loogie on the floor drain before getting me my meat.

Things Ellie has said/done:

  • “Can you put extra jelly on my PBJ sandwich?  I really don’t like the taste of peanut butter.”
  • When told if she touched the frosted cake to swipe frosting she would not get a piece of said cake, “And what if you don’t seeeeee me touch it???”
  • She is currently sitting at the table doing her math with a balloon “baby” in her shirt and a helmet on her head.

While driving (because Cam passed his drivers test!!!):

  • A lady stood in the middle of the road staring at our car.  She never moved out of the way.
  • A car stopped in the middle of the road to talk to the gardner and wasn’t bothered by the line of honking cars behind him.
  • Another car stopped in the middle of the street to type on his phone, again not bothered by all the honking cars that couldn’t get past him.
  • Apparently Americans are the only ones bothered by lack of order on the roads.  Road rage would abound if drivers in America acted like the Chinese do.

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