Chiangmai Zoo


One of our morning adventures was the Chiangmai Zoo.  I asked the hotel staff to write “zoo” on a piece of paper, and we went in search of a truck to take us there, hoping that it all went well.

It was an…

…interesting experience.

That black picture in the middle with the black lights and glowing clothes was in the aquarium, which you can read about below.


The zoo reminded me of the calm at Jurassic Park before the dinosaurs started eating people.  It was the strangest experience we’ve ever had at a zoo.  It was made to be driven, not walked.  However, we misread the poorly translated sign and thought it was going to cost too much to ride the tram.  So, we walked.

And walked.

And hiked up a mountain.

Each “exhibit” that we saw housed one animal.  ONE lion, ONE tiger, ONE monkey.  It was lonely and sad and so incredibly hot outside.  We did, however, get to feed fish with a baby bottle.  And there was more than one fish!


Then we saw the balls.  I saw these for the first time in China back in 2008 and could not wait to bring my girls back to play in them!  I haven’t seen them again until now.  We bought our tickets and the girls crawled in, got zipped up and refilled with air. They only had 10 minutes in the balls, but I noticed about halfway through that they had stopped really being active.  When they got out, they told me it was SO hot inside.  Ha!  They were soaking wet from their sweat.

Maybe not the funnest thing they ever did, but it sure looked neat, and they have a memory they will never forget.

That’s what it is all about.


The aquarium in the zoo held redeeming qualities, and we loved it!  Although it was dark.

Very dark.

I guess because deep in the pit of the ocean where no light can break through, it is dark?  This place holds the longest tunnel aquarium in east Asia.

Or so they claim.

I think you can claim anything you want over here.

We laughed and laughed at this zoo.  It wasn’t because this made on Top Ten Zoo list, because it didn’t.  It was more the adventure of doing something we’ve never done, in a country not our own, with the inability to speak the language.  We laughed at ourselves.  We laughed at the animals.  We joked and danced up the mountain and held hands and made memories together that will withstand the test of time.  It was one of those days that made me so aware of the gift I have in my children.


2 thoughts on “Chiangmai Zoo

  1. Love the plastic bubbles – I bet they did get warm. ::grin:: The saddest thing I ever saw was a “zoo” in Japan – many refused to go as it bothered them so much….but our kids love zoos. You’ve reminded me that Stacia has never been to a stateside zoo – we need to fix that. Soon. I love your story of having someone write “zoo” on a paper. I did that in Seoul – trying to get to the “Toilet Museum” – which was a hoot. All was well – we took the train to the town it was located in and then I thought I’d show my paper to a taxi driver and have no trouble….they took us to the oddest spots (just the kids and I). I was getting rather desperate. We stopped at a museum and I showed her the paper and she was so apologetic. The hotel had written, “Take us to Mr. Toilet.” No wonder we were going to odd spots hither and yon. LOL Fun memories.


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