Flying Weeks of Fun

How fast time flies when you are busy!CHICKEN!

In the midst of the busy-ness of grocery shopping, we made a stop at a chicken place (similar to KFC) for lunch.  We haven’t been there in a very long time, but everyone enjoyed the chicken sandwiches and fried chicken pieces like it was the first taste we’d ever had.  We especially loved that we got to eat our food while wearing plastic gloves.  It truly is a genius idea!  It is much more fun not having to worry about silly things like napkins and chicken oil on your hands.

Happy Independence Day, America!!


We are so blessed to have people that have become like family on this side of the world.  We all traveled up to Haikou for a weekend of food and fellowship to celebrate the 4th.  There were hot dogs on the grill, REAL hot dog buns!, watermelon, homemade ice cream, sugar cookies, chocolate cake, chips, sodas…all the things necessary to feel like you are in America (mostly).  We played games all evening, then were surprised with a huge lot of fireworks to set off.july4-2

Cam was the only man present when we played with fireworks, so he was in charge of the dangerous lighting task.  We lugged the massive fireworks (these are the kind of huge grand finale fireworks you see in the states at the end of the show) to the tennis courts.

Because that is what you do.  Safe, I know.

There was a basketball game going on next to the tennis courts, and the players didn’t really appreciate the loud booms as evidenced by the covering of ears we saw.  The apartments probably didn’t appreciate the balls of fire pinging off their balcony windows either, but we endure hours and hours of it during the Chinese New Year, so we didn’t let it ruin our fun.

The fun was hampered with the final firework misfired as Cam lit it.  It began shooting as soon as the flame lit the wick, going straight into Cam’s face.  He hit the ground when it hit him, covering his face, and all the squealing women went silent in fear.  We weren’t sure where it got him, but we had to wait until the “show” ended before we could get close.  It broke the bill of his hat (crushed it) and singed his eyelashes, eyebrows, and front of his hair.  We were all super thankful it missed his eyeball (and that he doesn’t have a hairy hairstyle!).  The Lord was definitely with us, preserving Cam’s eye, and we all decided we would leave the fireworks to the Chinese.


One thought on “Flying Weeks of Fun

  1. I enjoyed your adventures, and hope the fireworks wound heals quickly. We are headed into our VBS week, and hope I have strength and restful nights. I’ll be leading a Kindergarten class. My husband was able to share in a small evening service about the 2×2 adventures last May. They hear the stories of brave missionary families, and it softens their hearts to serve the Lord where they are able. May God continue to bless you there!

    Marsha Ramsey



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