Friends from Texas


A lovely group of people from Texas came to spend some time with us in our city making friends.  There were two families represented (3 parents, 4 teenagers), and we became instant friends!  They worked hard every day, showing relentless energy and sporting the best attitudes of any group I have been around!  They were such an encouragement to us and the work we are doing here.  We had the pleasure of celebrating a birthday with one of our new friends, and also to have a whole day of rest filled with movies, popcorn, games, and girl talk.

Rest for the soul.


We laughed until we couldn’t breathe, and went to bed with smiles at the end of the day.  Our hearts were reminded how much we love being around teenagers, and it was simply happy.  We got to see our city and this country through fresh eyes, reminding us of the joy of living overseas.  Experiencing the “firsts” through someone else’s eyes sure makes you see what we take for granted!  The goodbye was a little harder than we expected, especially since these people were strangers 2 weeks ago!  What a blessing this team was to our family and to the local family in our city.

So thankful.


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