Torrential Rains and Ponchos

Cameron and I went to run a quick errand this morning that we thought was well timed between downpours.  We were mistaken.


While we were finishing our business at the post office, the sky opened up and released its fury.  We waited until the rain lessened a bit but our only real option of getting home required us to drive our scooter in the rain.

By us, I mean Cam.  My Barbie scooter is afraid of getting dirty in the rain, so she stays in the garage area until the sun shines.

Cameron pulled out a fancy poncho, almost identical to the one pictured above.  This isn’t us in case you were wondering.  I was trapped and couldn’t properly document our time with a camera, and we haven’t become Asian in appearance yet , but I am starting to wonder after this little adventure if our thought processes are turning local.  I crawled underneath the poncho (look closely in that picture and you will see two sets of feet!), and tried not to panic.  I obviously couldn’t see anything and my air supply was a bit plastic-y.

We made it home without slipping in the water, and we were much less wet than we would have been if we wouldn’t have donned the awesome water repelling gear.  There isn’t a day that goes by that something interesting and entertaining doesn’t happen in our life.  For the ability to laugh at all of it, I am so thankful.


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