Jeff and Leslie take on Asia


Cam’s childhood friend, Jeff, and his girlfriend Leslie, added on a trip to Sanya to their Asian vacation so they could see us.  They are they first non-family people to come see us, and what a time we had!  As you can see, Jeff is tall.  Very tall.  Not so inconspicuous.  And his girl is a gorgeous blonde.  They turned heads everywhere we went!jeff2

They spoiled us beyond our imaginations while they were here.  It was such a special week to be able to just hang out with them!  We didn’t know Leslie before they came, but she is one of the nicest people I have met in a very long time.  She is kind and down to earth, and I enjoyed every minute we got to spend together.

We went for a foot massage, complete with fire cupping.  I think there were times that Jeff was ready to call it quits, but Cam refused to translate that, in typical male-friend-torture style.  There was a lot of laughter this evening!


We went to the hair salon for a facial, and since Cam was out of town, Jeff was at our mercy.  It took a team of “stylists” to get him looking like a suave politician.  I am pretty sure he will be president someday, and this will be his look.jeff4

The facial is really a face wash with all sort of creams and massaging.  Leslie and I enjoyed it, but Jeff, on the other hand, wanted it all off his face.  Ha!  The ladies refused to take it off, claiming they were “busy already washing his hair”, but I think it was a good thing as Leslie claimed his pores had never looked so clean!  Leslie had a little chemical mishap when their hotel pool caused her hair to turn green and the salon people were shocked!  I am sure they haven’t ever seen that before!  Gracie kept telling the guy it was okay…

We truly had a memorable week, full of beaches, chatting, and simply hanging out with friends.  We are so thankful they were able and willing to come see us.  Jeff sacrificed opening day of dove season and, for the first time, missed it.  I don’t think we could have felt more special and loved by these two fabulous friends.


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