Another year older. October 1st.

35.  Thirty-five.  I can hardly believe it is true.  I am just going to hold at 30 thankyouverymuch.bday2This year, I had a goal that I didn’t spend too much time dwelling on, but it was there, rumbling around in my mind.  I wanted to be able to jog for an hour.  Without stopping or dying.  So, the night before my birthday, I told Cam I wanted to lengthen our run the next morning to an hour (we have been jogging together most mornings for the past month).  He, being the awesome husband that he is, shrugged and said okay.  So, at 6:30, we took off.  Almost 6 miles later, it was a success!!  Goal met!  We returned home to balloons on the door and a birthday banner waving in the living room.  For breakfast we all went to Starbucks and consumed all the calories we had burned, and it was SO WORTH IT.  Cam spent the day in the kitchen making all my dinner dreams come true.  He splurged at the hotel food supply warehouse on beef tenderloin and grilled it to perfection with asparagus and roasted potatoes.  He also made a delectable Boston cream Pie.  It is my favorite and a new birthday tradition that started last year.  I wait all year for this day, just for the cake!


I am uniquely blessed here in our city with ready made friends.  These friends did their best to make my day special.  We had co-op that day, and they surprised me with homemade brownies, complete with sprinkles, and iced coffee!  All the kids sang, and my heart overflowed.  Then, the day following my birthday, Veronica and I headed for coffee and a coconut oil massage.  It was an experience I am not likely to soon forget, and I am so thankful He has given me these people to do life with here.

It was a day filled to the brim with love and kindness from sweet emails and texts that spanned an ocean and time zones, precious kisses from my favorite girls, and love from the man I am blessed to call husband!


2 thoughts on “Another year older. October 1st.

  1. You are young and beautiful!!! Hope you had a wonderful time, and your family time is going great!!

    Thank you so much for the cinnamon roll recipe!! Going to try it!! I used one last week, and it was ok.


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