Daddy, Mama, and Cambry take on Sanya!


Clean house…check!

Fresh flowers…check!

Hot cinnamon rolls…check!

Daddy, Mama, and Cambry (our niece)…CHECK!cambry12

We saw them through the gate and excited isn’t a strong enough word to describe our emotions.  I was prepared with my phone (which I apologize for…the iPhone 4 obviously does not have the best camera!) to take video because I just knew the squeals would abound.  To my utmost surprise, there was more laughter and unshed tears than noisy exclamations.  I was shaking, trying not to cry, thus all the pictures have a sweet blur.cambry13

Notice the twisting of the pigtails in anticipation.  Also take note of ALL THE LUGGAGE!cambry14At some point my status as daughter was replaced with granddaughters, and I barely got a hug.  Not that I am jealous or bitter.

Not at all.

Thinking back to when we were in the process of moving overseas, I remember whining about the probability of my parents ever getting to visit.  Knowing that they aren’t wealthy and funds to travel here are nonexistent, I am in awe of Father’s goodness to me.  He knows how important family is to my heart, and that He has provided means to them to visit every year is overwhelming to my soul!

(Two weeks of documented fun is soon to come!)


2 thoughts on “Daddy, Mama, and Cambry take on Sanya!

  1. So glad your family could visit, and know you are enjoying the fun! Election Day is over here in Houston, and we are pleased overall with the results. A master plan for the seminary here has been presented from Fort Worth, and we look forward to seeing many building changes in the future. Have a fun week, and hope to see you all again sometime!


    Marsha Ramsey



  2. It is so sweet to see how Father delights to bring you pleasure. I’m so happy your family is visiting…and wow….Cambry is not the little gal I remember. I know you’re all having a blast.


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