Goodbyes stink.


When the time drew near for departure time, everybody starting getting all touchy feely.  We had to get in enough hugs and love to last us for the next ten months until we meet them again in Texas!

A funny moment came when these matching coffee cups arrived in the mail.  I had ordered these cups so that Mama and I could drink from the same cup when we drank our coffee everyday.  However, somehow, that directive got confused and Dad claimed the cup as his because of the fabulous lip on it…according to me and Dad, all coffee cups should have a lip so you don’t dribble…and Mama never got to use the cup.  Dad took the cup home with him saying how special it was that I ordered us matching cups to drink coffee together across the ocean.  Sometimes you just have to roll with it and embrace the love.  And love me, my daddy does!cambry18

More snuggles and no smiles.  The tears hadn’t quite started yet, but the desperation was evident to us all.  The love of a grandparent is best kind of love to have.  It is selfless and fun and unconditional.  It rarely says no and it will travel the earth and back for you.

did request a smiling picture with my sweet niece!  I adore Cambry with every auntie gene I possess.  I am an aunt to many, and I love them all, but this one who has called me Sissy since she could talk has a place in my heart that makes her feel like one of my own.  I am so very thankful for a brother and sister-in-law who bought her a ticket and allowed her to travel so far away to bless our hearts.  What a special time it was!


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