NCA few months ago we got an email asking for some needs/wants so that we could be blessed with a package.  I sent a reply listing a few things and didn’t really think anything of it again.  Then, what felt like out of the blue because of the “didn’t thinking about it again” mentality, we got another email a couple months later saying they had just mailed us six thanksgiving boxes.  We thought surely that was a typo, or maybe they would be small boxes, because the list we sent was pretty short!  Then they came.  And kept coming.  The picture shows Cam standing next to five of the boxes stacked up.  They were HUGE.  And inside those boxes was an abundance of love.  So much, in fact, that we were able to share with our co-workers and bless their socks off too!  You can see the excitement that Ellie has for the chocolate milk powder, and the homemade jams, pecans, brownie mixes, mac-n-cheese (I think this may be one of my girls love languages!), crisco…oh my.  The list could go on and on.  Our hearts were busting and overflowing from our chests.  I can’t truly express with mere words how encouraging it is to know that people remember us and love us and want to tangibly show us that.  And the pecan pies that will result are sweet to my lips as well!

Thank you, Edgewood Baptist.  Your commitment to continually pray for us and be “our people” in North Carolina is a testament to the goodness of Father.  How little my view of the “big picture” was when Cameron spent a week in your fellowship encouraging you.  I never imagined that God would allow that time to bless us so many years later.  I am so thankful HIS view of our lives is much greater than mine!


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