VeribestEvery time we get package from our Veribest family, I know before I open it that I am about to feel like I’ve been hugged a million times over.  This time was no different.  I grew up at this church with these ladies loving me through every chapter of my life.  They know me.  They knew that cards for every occasion, and emotion I may feel, would encourage me in indescribable ways.  They knew that cupcake liners speak to the place in my heart that makes me feel less homesick (because cupcakes are my favorite thing!),  Baking supplies and hand-written recipes.  Coffee flavoring and craft sets for my girls.  Sweet lotions, ribbon, and a new mug.  Everything here was hand-picked to make us feel wrapped up in their love.  And let me tell you, it worked!  I smiled all day and felt all warm, fuzzy, and mushy inside.  Once again, Father has knocked me off my feet with His faithfulness in planning out my days and using the people He brought into my life over 20 years ago to speak to me in this moment.  He is GOOD, oh so good, to me!!


2 thoughts on “Veribest

  1. The love your family has shared makes me smile too! Thank you family for being the example Dad asked us to be, to love one another.


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