Thanksgiving 2015

thai7This year was a very different Thanksgiving.  I mean, holidays are always very different from what we grew up with, but this was even different from our new normal!  We had to hop out of the country for our visa, and instead of making a quick trip, we decided to add on some vacation days and take a trip to Thailand for Thanksgiving.  We were all feeling a little homesick and knew that trying to recreate what we were missing was only going to make it worse, so we determined to throw all our traditions out the window and just go have some fun!thai1Our trip was successful!  We ate all the sugar we could handle in the form of donuts, ice cream, and A&W root beer.  We walked and shopped and sat around doing nothing, whatever we felt like doing that day!  Bliss.thai2Thanksgiving day came around, and we made our way to a fish restaurant for some Red Snapper, Pad Thai, and steak.  It wasn’t turkey and dressing, and I was definitely missing my cranberry sauce, but it was a day of memories.  New memories.  I love to see the way our girls adapt to life over here.  They smile and laugh and make the best of most everything.  We have a lot to be thankful for.thai3Horses on the beach are certainly on the list of thankful things.  This (and the donuts) was what the girls were most looking forward to!  We gave them the option of Hong Kong Disney or HuaHin, Thailand.  They all voted for the beach with the horses!  Our pocketbook was grateful.thai4One of our favorite things in Thailand is a special weekend market in HuaHin.  We planned the beach portion of our trip specifically around this market because the food is so good!  There is live music that, while absolutely horrible, is most entertaining!  The twinkle lights and atmosphere of the whole market is something we all look forward to.thai8I keep telling Cameron to be serious for pictures, but he refuses.  I think he saves all of his “boring” for when people are around, because this man is rarely serious with us.  And our girls think it is fancy trick to flare your nostrils.  They can’t all do it.  Go ahead.  Try it yourself.

Faith asked us for a Dairy Queen Blizzard cake for her birthday last February.  We were in Thailand at the time and told her that we could get that done for her.  However, there were no Blizzard cakes to be found.  So, we told her we would get her one in May when we came back for Cam’s classes.  Again, every time we went to buy one, they were sold out.  So, after 9 months, Faith got her birthday cake!  She was so excited!  Then she tasted it and realized it was definitely not worth the wait.  Gross.

That sandwich.  Y’all.  It is a sandwich from my dreams.  And lunch meat is one of the things we talk about when we talk about trips to Thailand. Crescent roll, ham, and strawberries!  This was Thanksgiving lunch for us.  We were all pretty satisfied.thai5And to top off the Thanksgiving trip, we saw some Christmas go up.  It made us all ready to get home and get our own tree up and decorated!  This was a Thanksgiving to remember and such a gift from the Giver of ALL good things.


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