SuperGirl Ellie turns NINE!!

supergirl1Ellie has really enjoyed the new SuperGirl television series, so this year when it came time to plan her birthday party, she wanted SuperGirl.  Her sisters bought her a SuperGirl outfit, and I really love how she immediately put it on and all the following pictures are of her in a mask and fake boots.  The blackmail pictures for this child are really piling up!supergirl2I am not sure her personality, however, will allow for embarrassing blackmail.  She doesn’t have a care in the world (meaning she doesn’t care at all what other people think of her), and while this is a great personality trait for confidence and success, it doesn’t exactly bode well for discipline.  She keeps us on our toes for sure!supergirl3She had a big hand in the planning and decorating of her celebration.  She went back and forth with what she wanted.  She really wanted to have a sleepover, but she didn’t want to leave all the boys that are her friends out of the fun.  In the end, she went with the sleepover, and we had our 3 plus 2 extra little girls over for the night.  supergirl5I really don’t know what it is about kids and candles or why it is so much fun for them, but I love it all the same.  (I also love that man lighting the candles)ellieShe wanted an elaborate cake, but this is what she got.  This mama does’t have the skills for those fondant beauties, nor do I have the skills to make truly red frosting apparently.  Her chocolate cake with mint frosting made her happy, and that is, after all, what all the effort is for!  I ordered the little color sheet off Easy for the party.  It was more for me, as no one colored them, but it was just too cute!supergirl6Every superhero needs a cape, and Taobao (the online garage sale of everything under the sun if you have patience to search for it) happened to have them!  Balloons make parties festive, and cookies are the easy treat to grab while running through the house.  We had everything ready for a successful celebration that made Ellie feel as unique and loved as she is.supergirl4Ellie planned all the games, and she went old school on a few! They had Pin the emblem on Super Girl, drawn by Gracie. Faith was the victor!supergirl12They had a Silly String war outside, much to the chagrin of the little ladies who sweep outside.  The girls were squealing and running and laughing!  I think this may have been my favorite part of the whole party.scavengerscavenger2They even went on a picture scavenger hunt!  We are blessed to have two single ladies willing to invest time and love into our children, and they came to Ellie’s party with hearts ready to help!  I put them each in charge of a team to go outside and scavenge for the needed pictures.  While Cam and I fried chicken and chips (because in our alternate life we run a diner with only kid happy food), they went out for some fun.supergirl8Gifts.  I always feel a bit awkward when receiving gifts (even though I LOVE presents!), but Ellie feels nothing but joy.  She gets giddy and excited about every little thing, making giving her gifts one of the most pleasant things to experience.  supergirl9Ellie opted for fried chicken nuggets and cheese dip for her birthday dinner.  This was certainly something we were happy to oblige her!supergirl10supergirl11We spent some time one evening with a Hallmark movie and paper constructing these buildings so the girls could “fly”.  In my imagination it turned out way cooler than in reality, but as cheesy as it is, I still made all the girls lay down.  I wasn’t going to let all that time go to complete waste.  supergirl13Ellie has filled our hearts with an indescribable love since the moment we laid eyes on her nine years ago.  She makes us laugh.  She makes us remember how special the little things are.  She makes us roll our eyes and wonder how she will ever live to adulthood.  She lets us go back into the world of silliness and carefree days.  This child is special.  It is written all over every little thing she does, and I cannot wait to see how Father weaves and refines her to become the amazing woman He created her to be.


6 thoughts on “SuperGirl Ellie turns NINE!!

  1. I have the most awesome granddaughter in the whole wide world!!!! She is a shining arrow in my quiver of grandkids. God blesses us so abundantly. Ellie is proof.


  2. Ellie is truly an amazing child her love is unconditional, her hugs and kisses are never ending and her heart is huge. The best thing about her is she is mine, my grand daughter! I love you Ellie Belle!


  3. I am so impressed at how lovely everything turned out – the cake, cityscape, cookies….it all looks like a fantastic time. Happy Belated Birthday, Ellie.


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