Our own little children’s program

cmas1Our community of like-minded workers has grown in the past few months, raising the number of children, all school-aged, to 11.  What a blessing it has been to my girls!  We now have an abundance of friends, and thankfully, all of them get along beautifully.  For the Sunday before Christmas, the moms decided that we wanted to do something special; something similar to what we would be doing if we were stateside.  cmas2So, a Christmas skit was found on the depthless world wide web and divided up into a perfect ten (one child chose to be a spectator instead of participant) parts. Each child got to choose one prop to bring that they felt epitomized their character.  Our little Ellie played the role of Mary and her baby, Abby, was Jesus. cmas3There were three narrators, with Gracie filling one of those roles quite well, who told the story in its entirety.  The other children were the actors who had to act out what the narrators narrated.  Faith joined in as a shepherd and brought sweetness with her bow tied headpiece and cheeky grins.cmas4I also was sporting a pretty cheesy grin the entire performance.  I didn’t realize how much I missed these little milestones for my girls.  Being in the church Christmas program was something I took for granted while we lived in the states, and I was definitely feeling pressure behind my eyes while watching them with smiles on their faces interacting with a group of other children who live the same life they live.  These kids are extraordinarily special.  All of them.  Their parents have followed a call that led them away from what they know as normal, so they are caught in the middle of two worlds and forced to make it work.  We call them third culture kids (TCK’s), and let me tell you, these children are strong.  They are brave, and they will know things and see things that most people can’t even imagine.  They will miss out on a lot of “normal” things, but I know that these sweet babies will grow up knowing the love of two families, one on each side of the ocean.cmas5The kids also had Secret Santas, a first for most of them!  They drew names a few weeks prior to the party and no one knew who anyone else drew.  There was so much excitement and chatter and giggling between the day they drew names and the day the were able to reveal who they had shopped for.  It was a sweet, sweet time for all of us as we watched each child give a gift to their friends with joy written all over their faces and a perfect ending to a truly spectacular evening!


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