Another Christmas!

xmas1Christmas comes in all different shapes and sizes…and times of the year when you live overseas. xmas2We knew this box was on its way weeks before Christmas, but for some reason, the mail decided to hold it hostage until weeks after Christmas.  We actually kind of like stretching out the boxes of love, so we were thrilled to have a whole ‘nother round of Christmas!xmas3Cam’s parents spoil us silly, and we knew this time would be no different.  This package was full of gaily wrapped gifts that spoke to the places in our hearts that only grandparents and parents know about.xmas4I’m still not sure how Kelly is able to choose clothes for all of us that everyone loves…I can’t even do that!  The girls were thrilled with their new wardrobes, and Cam, despite his less than excited expression, also was happy with his gifts.xmas5I got fabulous, FABULOUS, things, but only this picture (let’s not talk about its awfulness, okay?) was taken.  And I LOVE those towels.  All things Texas!

Really, we were once again overwhelmed with the love we were shown.  We are so blessed to have families that love and support us the way they do.  We know it isn’t common, and we try so hard not to take it for granted!  Father is good to us.  Always.


2 thoughts on “Another Christmas!

  1. Fun! I remember the way Christmas would stretch out, too, when we lived in the Philippines. And those kitchen towels are adorable! And SO you!

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  2. What! No picture of you in your Christmas bikini? I get as much (or maybe more) enjoyment in shopping for you guys, as you do in receiving. Glad everything worked. If I ever send something that isn’t exactly your size or taste, please re-gift to someone who can use it. Love you!


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