Disneyland Hong Kong

disney1Ever since we moved to China, we have said we wanted to go to Hong Kong Disneyland while on a visa run.  For some reason, it took us more than 3 years to make it there, but man!  It was completely worth the wait!

*side note…that first picture shows me holding up a baggie that I stuffed cake into.  I did that in honor of Kerri Bruce’s birthday (or that was my excuse to not feel guilty!).disney6It felt as though we stepped through a tunnel that led us straight to America.  My expectations weren’t very high, because most things in Asia that we have gone to have been good, but good on a different level than good in the states.  This place surpassed good and went straight to great!disney5We saw characters and got autographs and ate caramel popcorn and lattes.  We rode exhilarating, fast rides, slow, boring rides, rides that went backwards, and sometimes rides where we were separated from our children so we felt like big dorks riding alone on a kiddie ride.  We smiled so much our faces hurt and laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore.disney2We took more selfies than should be allowed, especially with our archaic phones that take horrible quality pictures, but we fit in just perfectly in this magical Asian Disneyland.disney3We saw shows that brought us a new definition of what 3d movies could be like.  Shows that stirred our emotions with memories from the past and left me feeling like everything in the world was peachy and perfect.  disney9There was pretend time and picture time and time with fairies and princesses.  There was space to run and short lines on every ride.  Some rides we ran back and got on the ride again because the lines were just non-existent.  Then we learned that we aren’t 15 anymore and nausea is a real thing from roller coasters.disney4Hong Kong was having a cold spell the week we were visiting and our bodies, having adapted to the warm, balmy climate of island living, froze while we experienced the magic of Mickey and friends.  Lucky for us, Disneyland was celebrating it’s birthday and was selling ultra-soft commemoration blankets to ward off the chill and chapped cheeks.  And since we were still in Asia, no one looked at us funny when we wore said blanket wrapped around our bodies like a toga.disney10When we got too cold, however, we found a show that was indoors to thaw out a bit.  The Lion King show did not disappoint!  It didn’t have many show times, so we actually had to leave the one long line of the whole park (a whopping 20 minute wait!) to make the start.  It was so, so good.  disney8I would say one of the highlights of the day, the ten hour day, was meeting Tinkerbell.  She talked and talked and talked, until we felt bad for the people waiting in line behind us.  We happened upon the sign for her imminent arrival and were first in line.  She joked with the girls and got their life stories, barely, because of their extreme shyness and awe at her beauty and overall awesomeness.  She signed their books and posed with them and was the most adorable little woman I have ever seen!disney20I love this man who decided to splurge on this day for his girls.  I do not, however, love his hoodie.  As a public service to all who will see us in the cool Fall weather, it will be retired to the trash bin before we head over the ocean, unless he hides it from me.  In which case, I will endure it because I love him so.disney11The grand finale of the night was worth waiting all day for.  The light parade was phenomenal, with music and dancing and flashing lights everywhere we looked.  It was the perfect end to a day filled with the most magical of memories!


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