Everyone needs a little bit of Krabi

krabi1When Jeff and Leslie emailed and told us they were going to be back in Asia, we started trying to figure out how we could make our schedules cross paths.  At first, it seemed impossible, but things eventually came together and we were able to meet up with them on a beautiful beach in Thailand.

*as a sidenote, I just love that Ellie still brings her baby doll with her wherever we go.  I caught her showing Abby the city as we passed through it.krabi2I didn’t know what to expect of Krabi, so I googled it, and the images I saw couldn’t be real, so I closed them down and settled on being surprised.  Imagine my supreme surprise when those dreamy pictures became reality!  It took us 3 flights, a van ride, a scooter ride, and a boat ride to get to our vacation spot, and it was worth every. single. minute. of travel time!krabi3Thailand is one hour ahead of China, so my mornings began really early (I am an early riser to begin with!) as my body adjusted to the time change.  I caught the sun rising over the ocean and palm trees our first morning as I sat on the balcony with my coffee and Bible, and it took my breath away.  Then, after a breakfast spread fit for a king, complete with lattes made to order, we spent tim in the beautiful pool and sunshine.  I think my time on Krabi could have ended here, and I would have left feeling like I had the best vacation ever!krabi4But then, the sun completely rose and we saw the sparkling blue green water and fine sandy beaches and I knew the best was yet to come.  Milkshakes with real ice cream and frappuccinos served in a coconut were frosting on the cake.krabi5We stayed in swimsuits all day and didn’t bother with things like make-up, shoes, or combing our hair.krabi6The clouds.  The trees.  The water and sand.  I felt like we were living in a postcard.krabi8Add to the fabulous scenery good friends, and we had a combo that couldn’t be beat!krabi9Well, I thought it couldn’t be beat.  But then we rented a boat for the day, and not just any boat, but a wooden boat on which we could pretend to be on the Titanic.  Only smaller and still alive.  This boat and driver took us wherever our hearts desired, and they desired crystal water and tropical fish.  So we went snorkeling around different little islands and used our lifejackets for chairs as the curious yellow fish came up around us.  We had a picnic on the boat with cheese from America (because Leslie knows we love cheese!), crackers from Indonesia (another gift from Jeff and Leslie and their travels), Nutter Butter cookies imported from America and Oreos from Thailand.  It was a multi-cultural experience.  Ha!

Being in Krabi felt like living a dream.  We get to travel a lot for various meetings and work related events, so we are fortunate to be able to add side trips inexpensively.  Times like this are a gift from our loving Father who delights in our joy as we delight in Him and His masterpieces!


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