Mail Love

So many of you have asked about blessing us with love gifts in the mail, and since that speaks my love language, I wanted to help make that an easier thing for you to do.

Cards and letters can be sent easily and inexpensively.  You just have to paste our international address to the envelope and mail as normal (with international postage of course)!

To send a package, the easiest way is to get a flat rate box from the post office (about $80 for a large one), fill it with all that fits and tape our address in both languages (email us for this) to the front.  If you are mailing something that doesn’t weigh much, your own box maybe cheaper!  Also included in the email with our address will be easy instructions. 

This is a running list of things that we love but either cannot easily get or cannot get at all over here:

Food Items:

  • KC Masterpiece bbq sauce
  • Pecans
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Nestle cocoa powder
  • decaf coffee beans
  • grape jelly
  • velveeta
  • rotel (3 per package of velveeta if you send both)
  • Pop Tarts
  • Double Stuff Oreos


  • Tylenol or Advil,  Junior strength and regular
  • cold medicine
  • deodorant
  • Essential oils
  • Vitamins 

Fun Things

  • The girls love to draw, so sketch pads, special crayons and markers, or anything to be creative with would bless their hearts!
  • Anything for the swimming pool or beach
  • Books

*If it is crossed out, we have a good supply of that right now.  


5 thoughts on “Mail Love

  1. Stephanie I am so inspired by your writing!! I see Father in your writing, He is blessing you beyond measure!! Thank you for sharing. I really miss you and your family so much!! I will talk to Father for you right now.


  2. Stephanie! I am SO excited to see your parents there! LOVE these pictures and your blog! Definitely brought tears to my eyes, seeing how Ellie is growing into her JDP shirt! 😀 I agree with Pam – I see Father throughout your writings – He is blessing you, and I’m so happy about that! We all love and miss you and yours!!! ❤


  3. Hi Stephanie, We have been introduced to your family’s story through Jeremy and Randi Ledgewood. Our church, The Well Church Ministries would like to send you all a care package. Would you please email me your address and instructions on how to send this to you? Hopefully it will make it in time for Christmas.


  4. Stephanie,
    Our Sunday School Class has been talking and asking blessing upon you and your family throughout the month of September. A token of our love is in the mail to you.


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