Soft Carpet & Fluffy Beds

This is me getting cupcakes with a “just because” gift from my best friend while in VA

We made it back to Texas!  I will post all the things that I failed to post while we were away, so expect a look back in time soon.  In the meantime, my emotions are shot, threatening to spill over at the tiniest of reasons.  I feel like I am walking on edge of a cliff and any wind will simply push me off and send me tumbling to a place where I’m not sure I’ll be able to return.  I am enjoying the feel of carpet under my feet and a bed that doesn’t feel like wood.  I have enjoyed the absence of classes, but I have  missed my new friends.  I have enjoyed not thinking.  I have enjoyed reading.  I can’t wait to love on my family over the next three weeks, but I am denying the fact that this will be the last time for awhile…


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